About the Club

Australian Rules, American Attitude.


The Philadelphia Hawks Australian Football Club was founded in 1998 when a couple of friends starting kicking the “footy” around down by the lakes in South Philly. Since then, our membership has grown, our club has solidified, and we’ve even taken home 2 National titles, our most recent, the DII Champion Lady Hawks in 2017!

The Hawks are more than just a sports team. We’re a club of sportsmen and women who enjoy having fun on and off the field, all the while celebrating and promoting the game of Australian Rules Football. We’re made up of Americans, Australian ex-pats, and have had players from Ireland, Canada, and Guyana, among others, wear the gold and brown jumpers.

Every season we’re looking for players and supporters to join our ranks and to grow the sport of footy in the Philadelphia Tri-State area.

Who We Are

We play in the United States Australian Football League’s Eastern regional league (the EAFL), taking on teams from Boston, New York, Washington, North Carolina, and D.C. Our travels have taken us to those locations, plus Atlanta, Kansas City, Texas, Las Vegas, Florida, and even Canada!

In addition, we also have a local Metro competition, pitting the South Philly Whiz and the Old City Benjamins. Metro Footy is a great way to learn the game on a smaller scale, all while having a great time playing the world’s greatest sport!

Club History

Our Club began in 1998 as the Philly Crows by our founder Chris Hasson (US) and consisted of 5 to 6 eager players meeting in the snow and slush down at the lakes in South Philly.

A couple of years back our mother team, the mighty Hawthorn Football Club (Hawks) of Aus, saw our successes and growth and asked us to be their sponsored club here in the US.

Since then our yearly roster has grown, with an Alumni that has reached over a hundred spread around the globe.  Our current line up consists of about 70% US, 30% Australian players.

The Lady Hawks

In 2016, the Lady Hawks started to build a core group of women to represent Philadelphia in USAFL women’s play. That year, for the first time in their history, the Hawks sent 2 female players to Nationals. In 2017,  our recruitment efforts were paid off, with over a dozen active female players throughout the year, culminating in 5 players registering for Nationals. This core group of ladies would team up with the Portland Sockeyes, affectionately dubbed the Hawkeyes by both teams, and go on to win the Women’s Division 2 flag!


Besides our growth and garnering the attention of a major AFL team, the Philly Hawks have won a Men’s Division 3 premiership (2002), and reached a second (2014). We have also made the Men’s Division 2 Grand Final, twice (2004, 2005). The Lady Hawks, paired with Portland, won the Women’s Division 2 flag. (2017). We’ve represented Philadelphia at Nationals, in the men’s competition since 2001, and women’s competition since 2016.

Both men and women of our club have represented the US in the International Cup, playing for national teams, The Revolution and The Liberty, respectively. One member won a scholarship to attend college and play for a minor league club in Australia. Our team was even invited to play a mini game during the 7th inning stretch of a Phillies game at the old Vet !


To be sung LOUD AND PROUD, to the tune of Do Wa Diddy!

Here we come, gunna sweep you off the ground, singin’
Carn the Hawkers, we’re the Mighty Philly Hawks

Feathered warriors wearin’ spiffy gold & brown, singin’
Carn the Hawkers, we’re the Mighty Philly Hawks

We kick good! (We kick good!)
We mark high! (We mark high!)
We kick good! We mark high!
And our tackles make them cry!
Carn the Hawkers, we’re the Mighty Philly Hawks

( CAPTAIN ) Hawkers,,,, 1,,,,2
boom shaka laka laka
boom shaka laka laka
boom shaka laka laka BOOM

( Captain ) And thats a fact Jack!
That’s a fact Jack!