COVID-19 UPDATE: The next phase of our club training will be to continue light contact fitness and skills sessions every Wednesday and Saturday. Until further notice, it will remain light contact. We as a club are hopeful and project that full contact training could occur in the near future but will be announced once the club feels it is safe to do so.

Trainings will continue to follow current local and state guidelines for mask wearing, while emphasizing social distancing before, during, and after training sessions. If you are experiencing illness or flu-like symptoms then for the safety of others, please do not attend until you fully recover.

Team practices are held twice weekly, starting at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights and 11am Saturday mornings, at Edgely Field in Fairmount Park, starting May 12 for the 2021 season.

Can’t make it until later? No worries! We train for about 2 hours (usually until we can’t see the footy in the dark.) You’ll have plenty of opportunity to swing by during training to meet the club and get a run in!

We run everything from fitness drills and skills work for new players, to game sense scenarios. There’s something for everyone, and NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. Bring a friend or two, plenty of water, and your footy boots! Any pair of cleats will do, but soccer tends to hold up best!

Questions?  Email: